Landscape Design Services

At Narrow Leaf, Inc., we provide quality landscape designs for backyards, lawns, gardens, and commercial properties. We design and install xeriscape gardens as well as design and maintain traditional outdoor living spaces. We will select the plants that best complement your landscaping goals and can either advise you on plant care and maintenance or perform your landscaping maintenance for you! At Narrow Leaf, Inc., we provide the services you need to achieve beautiful results with your outdoor space.

Hardscape Design and Layout

Our licensed and insured landscaping contractors will assist you with the design and layout of your driveway, sidewalks, swimming pools, decks, and patios. Placement of hardscapes is critical in the design of your lawn and garden, and proper and creative placement can drastically improve your landscape’s design. Our experienced builders can also provide quality patios, shade structures, and decks that must be carefully placed in your landscape. To begin construction of a patio, deck, or other outdoor structure, contact our Albuquerque landscape contractors today!

Landscape Lighting Installation

Let us help you illuminate your outdoor living space with landscape lighting that improves your home’s security, increases your energy-efficiency, and beautifies your lawn and garden! Our landscaping professionals are fully-licensed to perform landscape lighting installation that will extend your backyard’s hours of usability and make it more safe and secure. Let us highlight your design features with dramatic uplighting, accent lighting, and recessed lighting so that you can enjoy your striking landscape long past sunset.

Contact Our Albuquerque Landscape Contractors

Whether you want to revamp your backyard with aesthetically pleasing and functional landscaping or you would like to begin patio construction to give your guests a place to mingle outdoors, our landscaping professionals will provide you with finished designs and quality workmanship that reinvent the possibilities for your outdoor living space. Contact our Albuquerque landscape contractors to beautify your outdoor space today!

Call Narrow Leaf, Inc. at 505-897-1172 for quality landscape design services!